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  • Buy One, Get One Free!!!
  • 15.03.2012 News
  • Hey everyone, it's Jared here. From now, until the end of April 2012, for every purchase you make on my site, I will send you (via email) a second chart of your choice of lesser or equal value absolutely free. After submitting your order and completing your download, simply send me an email in the "Contact" section of this website, detailing which chart you just purchased, and the full name of the chart you wish to receive for free. For example, you just purchased, "Crash Landing (Treble Clef ...
  • New Compositions, Updated Recordings Uploaded!!!
  • 14.03.2012 News
  • Hey everyone, Recently I updated my MusicaNeo page with additional composition lead sheets, and accompanying recording of the tunes. Now, you can listen to the composition before grabbing your copy of the tune. A few compositions are still in need of a recording, so stay tuned for furthur updates. Thanks for your support, and I'll talk to you all soon. Jared
  • New Jared Plane Quartet Recording on YouTube!!
  • 25.02.2012 News
  • Hey everyone, it's Jared here. Just a quick update about my musician's page on YouTube, jplanejazz. I have uploaded some quartet recordings of my original compositions. The sheet music for many of these tunes are available on this site. Tunes include, "I Hate Rhythm Changes", "The Cost Of Restitution", "Through The Woods", "Reverence" and more. Please check it out when you get a moment, and don't forget to pick up a copy of one the compositions if you like the music. The link to my YouTube page ...
  • New Compositions Uploaded!!
  • 21.02.2012 News
  • Hey everyone, it's Jared here. I recently uploaded some new compositions to my MusicaNeo page. I'm really quite pleased with the way these look, and I'm sure you will be too. These newly uploaded tunes are among my favourite originals (if I do say so myself!). When you get a moment, please pop around to my sheet music page and have a look. Additionally, recordings of these compositions will be coming soon for your listening pleasure. To visit the page, just follow the link below: ...
  • New Photos in The Gallery!
  • 19.02.2012 News
  • Hey everyone, It's Jared here. When you get a moment, please pop over to the gallery on this site and check out some of the new photos of various gigs I have had recently, courtesy of Brian Stewart from Jazz.Cyberhalides (follow the link at the bottom for more about Brian). There are photos from my recent gig with The Erroll Buddle Quintet which featured Ed Wilson on trombone, Bob Baird on drums and Maree Steinway on the piano. Erroll Buddle is a legendary tenor saxophonist who has played with ...
  • Check out some cool stuff on YouTube!
  • 18.02.2012 News
  • Hey everyone, I wanted to let you know about my YouTube page, Jared Plane Music (jplanejazz). I'm posting all sorts of cool content on this page, from videos of me improvising over popular jazz standards, to improvisational tutorials and even some classical repertoire. Please check it out! Thanks, Jared
  • More Compositions Coming Soon!!!
  • 05.01.2012 News
  • Hey everyone! I hope you're enjoying the content on my page. I wanted to announce that I will be uploading more original compositions for purchase from this site within the next few days. Additionally, Bb versions of all of the current lead sheets will be offered for Bb transposing instruments, such as trumpet, tenor saxophone, etc. Finally, I'll be uploading solo transcriptions by many of my favourite jazz players and improvisers, namely Dexter Gordon, Hank Mobley and Niels-Henning ├śrsted Pedersen, ...