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Jared Plane

Jared Plane is an Australian Jazz double-bassist, composer, arranger and band-leader situated in the nation's capital. He is an up-and-coming contemporary jazz composer and improviser. He leads his own modern jazz quartet featuring some of Canberra's most exciting jazz musicians, namely Aidan Lowe on the drums, Andy Campbell on the guitar and Max Williams on the tenor saxophone. Jared performs his original compositions regularly with the quartet, and in other ensembles around Canberra. Aside from work with his quartet, Jared has gigged with many highly acclaimed jazz artists - nationally and internationally. These include tenor saxophonist, Jamie Oehlers (Sydney), tenor saxophonist, Errol Buddle (Sydney, who has played with Miles Davis, Tommy Flanagan, Elvin Jones, Sammy Davis Junior, Frank Sinatra and many more), drummer, Bob Baird (Sydney), and most notably, Grammy Award Winning Composer and Arranger, Bill Cunliffe (New York), and legendary jazz drummer, John Riley (New York).

Jared started playing the bass at the age of 12, and practised so much that his fingers blistered, burst, and even bled! In his formative years, Jared learnt everything he needed to know about functional and technical bass playing by studying Flea's bass lines from Red Hot Chilli Peppers' songs. After a few years of playing, Jared was asked to play for his local church band. At first, he declined due to nerves, but shortly thereafter accepted the invitation, and has continued to play in bands since. The more Jared played the bass, whether alone jamming along to Flea, or on stage in a church band, he knew that this was a passion that he wanted to nurture, and pursue even further.

During senior high school, Jared studied Classical Music (among other things!). In year 12, he played Bach's Cello Suite No. 1 in G Major in its entirety from memory at an end-of-year music concert. Jared received the top grade for his performance, and went on to study Jazz Music at The ANU School of Music thereafter.

Jared continued his musical endeavours by studying Jazz Music full-time at the ANU School of Music in 2008. Under the tuition of bassist (and all round great guy), Eric C. Ajaye (who has played with Freddie Hubbard, Taj Mahal, Bennie Maupin, The Pointer Sisters and Barry White), Jared continued to sharpen up his craft, and started to write jazz tunes. During his four years at The School of Music, Jared wrote as many as forty jazz compositions, many of which he plays with his quartet. He was the "chair" bassist for The ANU School of Music Big Band for two years in a row, and "shared the chair" for the bassist of The ANU Recording Ensemble. During his time at The School of Music, Jared was given the opportunity to study the improvisational style of two of his favourite musicians, Hank Mobley, and Dexter Gordon. These two musicians became musical icons to him, and influenced not only his improvisational approach to bass playing, but his compositional style also. Jared graduated from The School of Music in 2011 with Honours.

Today, Jared performs regularly around Canberra with his quartet, and as a side-man for instrumentalists, and vocalists.